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JFDI Redux

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Last time I got my writing groove on, I wrote “…blogging is important in establishing reputation”.

5 years later and it’s more “Meh”. If I want to write, I’ll write. But I want to own my writing, my thoughts. It matters that it’s here, on my space on the web, not on someone else’s. I want more of that Geocities feel. I used to just make a website for fun, so I want more of that. How much will be written remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I’m curating the stuff I’ve already published. There’s a fair bit that’s accumulated over the years and I’m gradually going through it all, putting posts back up as I have time. I’m taking this as an opportunity to do something other than WordPress – because a website like this doesn’t need a database, and will have more longevity without one. I’m learning to use Eleventy, a JavaScript-based static site generator, because JS is eating everything. And I get to use all the modern CSS I like, not that there’s much CSS going on here at the moment 😉