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Notes from #responsiveconf – Ida Aalen

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“The Core Model”

A model to start sculpting text.

Top task survey of users. 6 out of 79 tasks got 25% of votes.

Even with this knowledge we spend a lot of time on home pages, but people don’t come to look at the home page.

Users don’t come to navigate the site either.

Paths to pages from “core pages”. Paths not hierarchy. No blind alleys.

Identify core pages: match business goals and user needs.

Inward paths: how will users get there? Googling a topic or specific details.
Core content = what’s the optimal solution for users and the business.

Outward paths: after people have answered their question, where next?
After they have solved a user’s primary task, we can focus on other business goals.

E.g. “Donate” was at the bottom of the user task survey. Put in a forward path.

Then use mobile to prioritise the content.